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the funnest california trip

This has been the 4th time this year that I am traveling to California to photograph a wedding;  this had to be the funnest, and the busiest trip so far.  Here are the images from the trip.

Wednesday: Flight out to CA. Meet Vadim and Elana

I was picked up by two wonderful photographers from Latvia, Vadim and his wife Elana.  We stayed up ’till 2am talking photography and showing each other Photoshop techniques.  You may view their work by going to their website

Vadim is playing with Lightroom.  Elana getting ready to go to sleep.

Next day I was picked up at 6am to go speak to a High School class regarding photography.  This took place at Reedley High School.  It was a lot of fun.

Thursday: Go to Reedley High School.  Do a creative photoshoot with friend.  Have dinner with Victoria and Edward.

Some of my notes

Next: creative photoshoot for a friend. (More pictures to come in the future).

Later that night I’ve met with Victoria and Edward, a couple whose wedding I photographed back in June.  You may remember their now “famous” wheatfield shot.  Oh, and we ate out at In&Out Burger, which has to be the best burger place on the planet.  I make it a mission to eat there every time I’m in CA.

Friday: Meet Andrey photographer. Do a quick photoshoot for his family.  Meet with Anna & Alex, and their friends.

The next day I met up with a friend-photograher Andrey (see his website by clicking here).  I did a quick photoshoot for his family, and then took an hour to show some Photoshop techniques to him.

And later I met with Anna & Alex whose wedding I shot back in May (remember the bride sitting on a window shot?).  They took me out to a great restaurant where I’ve also met Anna’s sisters and some of their friends.  Overall the night was lots of fun, including conversations about all sorts of things, everything from politics to cruel jokes 🙂

Saturday: Vasiliy and Betty wedding.

And finally, here are some shots from the Saturday wedding. In Sacramento.


Hanh & Keaton, California, Vietnamese Wedding

This past weekend I have traveled to Modesto, California to shoot a beautiful wedding of Hanh & Keaton.  There was much tradition intervened into this celebration, which was very interesting.  It was extremely hot, however–105F!  That is pretty much a 40 degree difference from what we currently have in Seattle right now.   Here are some of the beautiful images from the wedding :

The alternator went broke on one of the limos so we had to stop and change the battery from the other limo.  We didn’t think we’d make it to our destination.

Here are some of movie shots that Keaton wanted to “copy”.  The “pretty woman” shot has definitely come out to be very similar to the original. Take a look:


Lena & Ivan Wedding

Here are some of the images from the last wedding I shot, of a beautiful couple, Lena and Ivan.  Of course I know that none (ok, maybe just a few) actually READ what I write on here, so I’ll just move along and show you the pictures here 🙂


what i said while hiding

This is definitely one of my favorite galleries so far. Unfortunately, I am afraid many of you will think the pictures are too depressing, or maybe even evil. Personally, I really love the images.  To me they are very deep and meaningful. In any case, I included a silly picture at the end, which was shot during the same shoot, to cheer you up 🙂

These photographs are of Ryan Vanorsdel (Band “Convent Guard”), a great friend and musician. His beautiful music is currently playing on my “personal” part of the website; please listen. You can also visit his newly made myspace page by clicking here.  If you would like to purchase his music, please contact him via myspace. Well, enough talking (I know that very few of you read anything on here), here are the pictures:

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