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Late night thoughts

I have recently decided that I will not only be posting my photography work on this blog. You see, besides photography I have many other interests; one such interest is philosophy, and thinking about life in general. I know many of you don’t read what I write on here, and that is more than understandable…..but then again, some of you do read what I write, so your input on whether you want me to write anything like this again would be helpful.

Today’s thought is simple–life is too busy. As I lay here at 3:30am, not able to sleep and listening to depressing music, I realize how busy life is, and how little we enjoy it. What is life for anyways? Surely it is for more than keeping yourself busy with school, work, the radio, TV, and chores. Do we ever get “alone” time any more? Whenever I get a chance to think in solitude, like right now, I realize how meaningless life becomes if all that I do is try to keep myself busy, try to fill my mind with information the whole day.

Of course not all of this is voluntary: all of us have responsibilities, families to support and jobs to work at. All of us have to stay somewhat busy to survive. But I think there’s still lots of clutter in our life that we can and should get rid of.

Life is too short to spend it being busy all the time. We’ve got to enjoy it more: and there’s so much to enjoy. I guess what helps is thinking about what you would do if you knew you will die soon (say a month). Would you really spend your free time trying to search the internet for hours just wasting your time? Or watching some stupid shows on TV? I doubt it. If we had little time to live, we’d do only those things that truly matter–enjoy our friends and family, enjoy knowing Jesus, helping those in need. I really, honestly, cannot think of anything better to live for.

And the truth is–we are going to die one day; some sooner, some later. So we’ve got to live like it; we’ve got to live like there’s little time left. Because it is true–our days, like it or not, are numbered. So let’s enjoy life before it is gone


Olga & Brian: Wedding

Heeeeey all.  Here are some niiiiice images from a wedding I’ve shot several weeks ago.  Unlike a typical winter wedding, the day was very warm and sunny, with lots of light, which made me reeeeally happy.  Nothing like starting a wedding day shoot and knowing that light should not be a problem today.

Olga and Brian were also very easy too shoot.  Very laid back.  A very fun couple.  This also makes taking the pictures much easier.

Also, Olga and Brian had a sweeeeeet band at their reception–The Stolen Sweets, who were amazing.  They are a 1930’s swing jazz band.  All of you should buy their album.  I just did (either go to their website or look them up on iTunes).  Of course they sound much more impressive live (as all music does), but the recorded version is pretty cool too.

And finally: Here are some of the images from the wedding.  Enjoy 🙂


















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