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New Year, New Website, New Blog

Well, it seems like I’m finally going to have a website ( as the new year begins. After days upon days of hard work, my head is spinning and I’m really tired; exhausted actually, from all the stress. I am really really happy, however, that I now have a great website with great images. All the work was worth it after all.

The final step is to get some feedback. So please let me know what you think of my new website and the pictures on it. You can leave a comment here, or write me directly.

With the website, I am also starting this blog, on which I plan to write on all kinds of interesting topics. Some of the ideas so far are writing on “How to Take Better Pictures”, “Funny Wedding Moments”, and “Before and After Images”. Of course there will also be other random posts, such as showing you guys images from my recent work. However, if there are any certain topics or questions that you, the readers, would like to discuss, please, PLEASE let me know what those are. This way you will be able to read about those things that you are specifically interested in. I am very open about discussing everything and anything.

Thank you, ahead of time, for all the comments. I hope to see all of you here first week of January, when I will have my first post 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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